Young Socialites Fashion Agency


I am Naima D. Melonson a devoted mother, mentor and serial entrepreneur; I am proud to use my 25 plus years of experience and knowledge to make an impact on the fashion, event industry and beyond.

At the age of 12, I quickly realized I had a passion for business ownership, so I began teaching and building myself into the ultimate entrepreneur.

After owning Fashion Entourage a women’s clothing boutique chain for many years, I made a switch to focus on several of my other brands Young Socialites Clothier, Elon'son Events, The Showroom, For The Love of Fashen and Naima Agency.
Years of experience have given me a deep understanding of the entrepreneurship industry.
My unique perspective, trendsetting skills, and strong work ethic set my ideas apart from others.

Globally known Young Socialites Clothier is sold on some of the world’s largest wholesale.
and retail marketplaces.

I am also able to share my ideas on a larger scale thanks to being Certified through Michigan State University in Digital Marketing. Being a natural multi-tasker, I continually look for new ways to expand my reach.

As a Creative Director, I have been able to produce more than 500 one-of-a-kind of my own fashion shows, participated in numerous of others also coordinated countless photo and video shoots around the world.

My event production companies, For the Love of Fashen and Elonson Events allows me to create a vision for others.

With my vast business expertise, I look to inspire and motivate those who take part in the coaching programs I offer other entrepreneurs.

I have been honored to receive many accolades, including being featured in various global publications. First African American female to build a well-established children’s brand and kid's fashion magazine in Detroit, Michigan

I am a part of numerous self and business development programs. Bedrock Detroit, Amazon's Black Business Accelerator, Motorcity Match, ISAIC (Industrial Sewing Certification) and currently pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

Clear vision, hard work, and a love for helping others are what drive me every day!

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Saturday 10TH JUN

Start your own Apparel Business - Ages 13 and up

Learn the business side of fashion, explore key trends shaping the future of the industry, and gain an understanding of how fashion brands are built and launched. This online course is organized to show the ranges of roles necessary to build or manage a fashion company. We will explore the steps of fashion production with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship, while providing insights and perspectives on the industry from a wide variety of insiders. Students will be encouraged to engage in the process of bringing a collection from idea to distribution, with project-based exploration into key facets of the industry. A sequence of activities and assignments builds students’ skills and understanding of the business behind the fashion industry from every angle, including identifying your consumer, sourcing and costing materials, communicating with factories, creating a unique brand identity, and managing retail and wholesale relationships. Students will ultimately understand how to develop effective communication strategies geared towards collaborating with major fashion brands and decision-makers throughout the field.