Tyler Kidd

Tyler Kidd is an Actor, Singer, and Dancer who works full time in the world of TV/Film, Theatre, along with being a recording artist. Since finishing his acting apprenticeship at the Aurora Theatre, he’s currently a dance instructor who has had the chance to teach at multiple schools in the Atlanta area. He’s very excited to be apart of this years event and hopes that you all enjoy his Broadway inspired choreography.

Tyler is excited to be apart of this years event. Outside of being a dance instructor he’s also an actor that has had the chance to work at multiple theaters in the Atlanta area. On top of that he loves being involved with TV/Film, Commercial type opportunities and making music.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Saturday 10TH JUN

Musical Theater - Ages 12 and under

Our Musical Theatre class will focus on ensemble building, beginner acting and vocal technique, and learning beginner musical theatre choreography.

  • Warm Up for about 15 minutes includes cardio and stretch
  • Will learn a short technique heavy combo to do across the floor
  • Will learn a 30-45 second combo
  • Perform in groups