Khayla Monae


Khayla Watson started her dance training at Detroit Windsor Dance Academy in Detroit, MI where she studied Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Horton, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Liturgical styles of dance. Although she was active in many different activities and sports as a child, dance was always her favorite way of expressing herself. Since age 8, she dedicated herself to dance and pursued it as a career. After many accomplishments, she felt ready to expand her skills and follow her dreams with more opportunities in Atlanta, GA. Immediately, she was blessed with mentorship programs and training opportunities that catapulted her into the beginning of her professional concert and commercial career. During her junior year of high school, she became the youngest member of Atlanta Dance Connection, a modern ballet touring company. After her first year, she was able to teach her first class at Morgan State University during a college summer program that sparked her belief in her talent to teach. She later went on to teach Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, and heels at various studios. Teaching children kept her inspired because of their hunger to learn and their new growing skills. She wanted to show them it's possible to accomplish their dreams no matter how far they may seem. Her career has blossomed and she has had the opportunity to perform all over the world with artists such as Usher, Nelly, and Ludacris. Being able to perform on stages worldwide and sets of popular tv shows and movies made all her years of training worth the work. Now she is dedicating her time to sharing her knowledge and experience with developing students.