Dicey Nails


Dicey is a stand-up comedian, writer, and celebrity nail artist residing in Los Angeles CA. Currently, Dicey tours the country on standup comedy tours featuring Punkie Johnson (SNL, HBO’s Love Life), Ryan Davis (Insecure) and Tony Hinchcliff (Netflix, Kill Tony Podcast). Dicey is also Punkie’s unofficial co-host and producer of SWAMP EDUCATION, a podcast on Sirius XM radio on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network.  Dicey also plays a lead character in the podcast drama THE IMPERFECTION, which was an official selection for Tribeca Film Festival 2021, rated in the top 5 podcast dramas on ITUNES, and was nominated for Best Podcast of the Year and Best Original Screenplay at the AMBI awards 2022.  Dicey has also appeared on VH1, Trutv, and REVOLT TV, and holds a bachelor's degree in Theatre from the University of Houston with a Minor in Creative Writing.