3-Day Advertising Package




Advertise throughout the entire weekend.  Showcase your company over a 3-day event with a Youth Concert, Workshop and Fashion Show.

  • Website Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Gift Bags
  • Step and Repeat Banner

Concert- Friday

Our concert creates an opportunity for young performers to introduce their talents. This is where young talent can make a name for themselves and prepare the audience to welcome their newest stars on a professional level. It is also an opportunity to learn the industry standards and what they should be doing to stay relevant and up-to-date.

Workshop/ Photo Shoot- Saturday

Our workshop guides youth performers through creative development with practical exercises that will help you perfect your craft, as well as develop your unique personality and identity on and off stage. Come and learn from our numerous classes for both youth and parents. Our classes will include financial literacy, runway, voiceover, acting, hip-hop dance, musical theater, posing, makeup, and more.

Fashion Show- Sunday

Our fashion show is a chance for youth performers to showcase their talents to the audience, as well as represent and promote their brand on the runway. This will allow young fashionistas to gain valuable feedback from industry professionals who have helped develop our style and brand while they were at it. They’ll also have the chance to network with other young instructors in the industry.