June 9-11, 2023  Atlanta, GA

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  •  ARTISTS 6:00 PM Fashion Extreme Concert



  •  Norma's Academy of Dance 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Norma's Academy of Dance

    Dance - Ages 12 and under

    From where it all started until now, Hip Hop dance & culture has made, and is still making, a huge impact on our world.

    And if you’re a dancer, studying Hip Hop’s undeniably raw and fascinating background should be considered a core part of your education!

    ‍You will learn everything you need to learn how to dance Hip Hop, from understanding music to where to find a Hip Hop dance class in your community. Ready to learn how to dance Hip Hop? Let’s get moving.

  •  Speaker to be Announced 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Speaker to be Announced

    Runway - Ages 12 and under

    A runway model is a fashion professional who models clothes, makeup and accessories at fashion shows. Brands use runway models to promote their clothing line. 

    Learn how to walk strong and pose on the runway in our runway class. You will leave with a confident runway walk and be able to offer different runway walking styles that designers will love.

  •  Hi-Def Graphfxs and Media. LLC 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Hi-Def Graphfxs and Media. LLC

    Graphic Design - Ages 13 and up

    Graphic design is a tool used to promote any type of entertainer, business and professional. It gets the information out to propel professionals, entrepreneurs, entertainers and businesses to the next level through visual presentation such as digital advertisements logos, printed flyers and posters. In this class you well learn beginners graphic design skills to make an attractive digital promotional flyer to promote your talent, business, profession or product that can be used on all social media platforms or to print for direct marketing. Awake your dreams one design at a time.

  •  Film for Kids 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Film for Kids

    Acting - Ages 13 and up

    Introduction to Acting
    Learn the fundamentals of acting in a fun and nurturing environment! This 5-week introductory course covers the basic techniques needed to grow your skills as an actor. Whether you are a beginner, or have experience and want to sharpen your acting “tools”, this course is for you!


  •  Asia's Closet LLC 3:00 PM
    Asia's Closet LLC

    Fashion Extreme Youth Edition Fashion Show

    Fashion Extreme Youth Edition Fashion Show

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